Where to Buy the Best Affordable Shapewear

Published: 13th September 2010
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If you havenít tried it yourself, you have probably heard that you can take off inches overnight with slimming undergarments. You may have checked out Spanx, Cass or Yummie Tummie and others but for your dollar, Flexees created by Maidenform is a truly excellent value. Flexees offer the firm support shaping you want while still being really easy on the budget. Save your money for the great pantsuit or dress that will go over the shapewear! Why buy the priciest body shapers when even plastic surgeons are recommending Flexees shaping undergarments to their post surgery patients?

Women and celebs rave about the underwear for both special occasion dressing and daily wear.

At nearly half the price of some of the pricier shapewear labels, Flexees is definitely a brand that keeps budget and the modern woman in mind. You can also be extra frugal and take advantage of great deals and discounts on Flexees underwear. Read on to learn where to buy Flexees.

Beyond the firm control collections like Flexees Take Inches Off or Flexees Ulitmate Slimmer, the brand also has lightweight collections with soft but functional construction that are great for everyday shaping and slimming. Some of the pieces can even be worn as clothing as they are stylish, shaping and made to be seen. Check out the Fat Free Dressing Camis and Tops. You can also find lighter weight undergarments to wear under lighter more sheer clothing items.

When you need to smooth over love handles, conceal a tummy or eliminate a muffin top, these hard working body shaping pieces are wonderful for daily wear. You could wear a Flexees camisole or a full slip depending on where you need to streamline your body. If itís your thighs you want to slim and trim, try a pair of Flexees thigh slimming shorts or leggings. You could also wear a high waisted thigh slimmer to get a smaller waist and thinner thighs.

Where can you buy Flexees shapewear?

Flexees are probably available at a store in your area. Various Flexees undergarments are sold at Kohlís stores. I have seen all of the different Flexees collections and pieces at Kohlís stores and they are usually discounted at 25-40% off! The Ultimate Slimmer collection, Easy Up, One Fabulous Body, Take Inches Off and Fat Free Dressing collections are all represented. Whether you need shaping briefs, leggings, camisoles, body suits, thigh slimmers, waist cinchers or slips Ė try your local Kohlís store. You can also find Flexees at JC Penneyís stores.

If you want to save money and get even better deals on Flexees Shaping underwear, try your local Ross, T.J. Maxx or Marshallís discount stores. These designer discount stores offer incredible bargains on everything including discount slimming undergarments. Iíve seen incredible prices on Flexees shaping products at my local discount stores. You may not find the exact item you are looking for when you go in so shopping at the discount stores requires a bit of patience. Watch for them each time you visit in the undergarment section and see which Flexees products they have in your size. This is the way to get the best prices on discount Flexees shapewear in your area.

Another place for great deals on Flexees is of course online. There are dozens of good websites that carry the undergarments and offer a variety of colors and sizes. The brand site has a good selection but usually the prices are lower elsewhere. You can find incredible deals for new Flexees on ebay, in private Amazon stores or on other underwear sites online.

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